Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, for the last few months I have been stressing myself to the max about the LSAT, and law school, and graduating from UW, and anything else I possibly could stress about. I let stress break me down to a fraction of the happy person that I was before deciding upon law school, but I am declaring it time to rebuild! Perhaps it was my first blog posts yesterday, but I feel that 'structure' will be my Moses (who lead the israelites through the red sea for those who don't know). I have taken steps to introduce a formal structure and plan into my life!

For starters, I have a short paper due next Monday that I begun yesterday. Now you must know that I can usually be found writing papers at 11:30 the night before it is due, so this is quite the ideological change for me. I even emailed my Teaching Assistant regarding the structure of the paper. I am emailing my TA about a 3-4 page paper in the very basic introductory history course as a senior about to graduate with honors. Absurd you say! Well I say focused!

I have also committed myself as of late last night to taking the one hundred push up challenge (http://www.hundredpushups.com/)! Basically it is a guided six week work out program where at its completion you should be able to do one hundred pushups straight! There is also the two hundred situps challenge and the two hundred squats challenge which I figure I will do as well. We will see how long my motivation holds out, but I have already completed day 1! Rocky, here I come!!!

I am also supposed to be learning Spanish through self study so that I can test into an upper level Spanish course and graduate on time. Now, you would think that graduation would be my biggest motivating factor at the present, but this damned Rosetta Stone is not all that it's cracked up to be. It is the same screen over and over again, but with new words. I must hold strong though! I must resist the dark side of the force!

Now that I have referenced the Old Testament, Rocky (the original of course), and Star Wars, I feel it is time to study for that Finance quiz tomorrow. Let this be my public declaration that I am back and ready for life!


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