Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction and musings of the LSAT

Well hello! This is my first actual non-academic blog post, so I believe an introduction is in order. I am a fifth year senior at the University of Washington, and am so damned close to getting a degree in history and a degree in business administration that I can taste it! I have a wonderful girlfriend who has no idea that I have taken up blogging, although she will know soon enough :) I grew up in the Seattle area, so my views are inherently a little to the left. I spent the last year taking Native American history courses and interning with the Duwamish Tribal Government. This knowledge and the related experiences have led me to consider and ultimately decide upon going to law school.

Now law school is a funny thing. Given the current economic crisis facing our country (which I heard today on KIRO 97.3 FM that we are actually climbing out of) I would assume that a record number of people are applying to law school. I mean, who would want to venture out into this job market when you could hide in law school for another three years? However, my Dad pointed out an article that claims fewer people are applying due to the financial obligations associated with graduate work. I guess there are always two sides to every story. My point is that I feel that there is going to be healthy competition to get into good schools. Now I am in a pretty comfortable academic situation going into applications, but who would have known that there is this monster lurking in the waters that preys upon the hopes and dreams of unsuspecting law school applicants... I am frightened to even speak its name, but for the sake of my new blog I feel I must. Yes, it is the LSAT.

One half day test that means more than four (or in my case five) years of college. I am fortunate enough to have that god forsaken test in my past, having taken it on September 26, but I am still waiting for my score. I will fill a different post with my thoughts on the LSAT, for the entire reason that I have taken to spilling the wanderings of my mind into a blog is to deal with the stress! I have four days until one little score will be branded on me like a tattoo that can never be removed. My mind has been filled since test day with discussions from pompous assholes who have felt the need to post their scores of 176 and 178 (cough, *bullshit*, ahem) all over the internet, and yet I keep searching for more. Somewhere is the one post that will make all of my anxiety go away! Right?

Wrong, I know. There is no comfort outside of 'I know I did my best', and thoughts that 'when one door closes, another always opens.' Perhaps some of you have turned to your God for peace of mind. I have turned to blogging. It seems to have worked for now... Cheers!

P.S. If you haven't listened to the podcast 'Too Beautiful to Live ( you simply aren't living life. You can check it out on itunes as well. I have nothing to do with the show outside of being a fateful Ten.

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  1. Hey Ethan, Sid and I are "Kvelling" over here! You are SO my nephew!!! Hope you get what you want with the Law school selection. Love,
    Sid and Sal