Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where does the time go?!?

Last night I decided that before my first class today, I was going to wake up early and do the class reading at the library. My textbook was brand new and $200, so I'm just using the course reserve. Anyways, I set my alarm WAY too early and proceeded to rush around thinking I was late to my library date when in reality I was an hour early. I realized my mistake and snuggled back into my wrm covers.

After an hour kicking myself for not sleeping an extra hour, I made my way to the library where I learned that someone had beaten me to the book! I couldn't find them to propose book sharing, so basically my efforts at preparing failed miserably. I walked down and paid tuition before returning to the business school to discuss a case that I hadn't read. Thankfully, my professor is ancient and spent the two hours discussing annual reports from random businesses. The class is a waste of time so far, but it's a major requirement so I haven't a choice in the matter.

About the time that class ended I was starving! Sadly I failed to use my extra hour in the morning to pack myself a snack, so I bought some Starburst candy from the vending machine and made my way to Spanish. In Spanish we are watching 'Agua para Chocolate' which is an award winning film about a family during the Mexican Revolution. It's a comedy and my professor mercifully turned the English subtitles on, so I spent the class laughing and munching on my candy.

My afternoon was spent driving my friend to Bellevue to pick up a Slushee machine for his fraternity's party tonight. The truck was a stick shift and he can't drive one, so I came swooping down to the rescue. I always love the opportunity to hang out with him though, so it was a win win. I guess it's funny in retrospect, but the truck we were driving had a parking brake that I didn't know about. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn't get the truck up to speed? By then I'm sure the guy's brakes were toast. When we got to the party rental warehouse the air was filled with the smell of burnt rubber. The workers began frantically looking for what had caught fire. It was only my brakes, or rather some random guy's brakes who let me drive his truck. Oops...

I had a tutoring appointment that went well, and for dinner I made myself a huge bowl of meaty spaghetti. I have made a habit of cooking enough food for about 6 people so that I can eat the meal for a few days. Laziness you say? Well I call it ingenuity! I'm already looking forward to the weekend...


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  1. Of course you're looking forward to the weekend!! :-)