Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Griffey Retires...

Right now I am feeling nothing but sadness about Griffey retiring. I would have loved to have seen him play one more time with all the fanfare that he deserves. This whole sleepgate catastrophe was a blackeye for all of baseball, and it makes me sick that Jr. retires just after that story. I wish that he could have survived this season as our DH or as a pinch hitter. Today should be a celebration of his legacy though.

I have a few wonderful memories of Griffey. As a kid I remember going to the last game at the Kingdome with my Dad. Griffey hit a monster homerun and made a leaping catch against the wall, and I remember thinking that it was a fitting way to say goodbye to the Kingdome.

I remember the weekend where Jr. came back to play with the Reds. On Friday I watched Seattle fill Safeco to cheer on Griffey. I saw grown men crying as he took the field to the longest ovation I have ever experienced (I personally had allergies). The camera flashes were blinding and the crowds roar was unlike anything I had ever heard at Safeco everytime he came to bat. On Sunday I couldn't get off work in time for first few innings and my stomach sank when he hit a homerun and I didn't see it. Of course, he hit another one after I made it to my seat and I felt like it was just for me!

I was there for the last game of 2009 where Griffey and Ichiro were carried off the field by their teammates.

I cannot thank Jr. enough for all of the wonderful memories that he provided for the citizens of this great region. I can't thank him enough for keeping baseball in Seattle. I can't thank him enough for doing his part to make Safeco a reality. Thank you so much Junior, and I wish you and your family all the best!

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