Thursday, October 15, 2009

For hat lovers

What is a hat to you? Perhaps it is a floppy golf hat, or a formal derby, or even a 360-bill fishing cap... Well for me there is nothing more than the New Era 59-50 On Field Performance hat. I know, it sounds more like the next greatest technological innovation than a man accessory. However there is great history behind my loyalty...

As a young child my Dad took me to a store and bought me a fitted Mariners cap. Now, I became the biggest hat snob of my school. 'Oh, your hat isn't fitted? Well mine is!' Yet the hats at that time were made of cotton and would shrink so you had to buy a hat that was either too big, or you had to commit yourself to not sweating or wearing it in the rain. Outside of the $30 price tag, this was the only drawback. Leave such a problem to the great minds of New Era and by God they fixed it...

I was unsure of making the change at first, but I figured that if the Pro's are wearing the new polyester mix hat then I could too. I fell in love all over again. You can buy a hat that actually fits your head and expect it to stay that way forever! Sweat still leaves sweat stains, but true hat fanatics will not allow their hat to be doused in sweat. I love my hats as I loved my blanket when I was a young child. They are perhaps the greatest man accessory ever made!

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