Friday, October 16, 2009

Am I actually subsidizing rape?

My two main points: I want to see where my tax money goes, and I can't believe how absurd the bipartisanship has gotten in the other Washington.

I would like to begin this little rant with a few caveats... I understand that we have a system in the USA that is currently 'working' on a foundation of our taxpayer dollars. I love my country, and I realize that it takes taxpayer dollars to keep it running. Alright, now that I have declared myself a patriot...

I have never in my life spent so much money without any idea where it goes! Mr. President, (who I voted for), I want a receipt that tells me exactly where my money goes. Am I helping to pay for a bridge down in Georgia? Fine! Am I paying the salary of the towel boy in the Senate Locker Rooms? Fine! I am perfectly fine paying my taxes. In fact, I believe that it is my patriotic duty to give back to this system that has provided so much for me. I just want to know where it goes... is that too much to ask?

Now the entire reason that I came upon this subject was a little discussion that Jon Stewart had the other night considering "No Rape" clauses that employees of Government Contractors have signed. Apparently a woman working for a Government Contractor overseas was gang raped by her coworkers, but upon returning to the states she wasn't allowed to sue for rape. Why you might ask? Well in the fine print of a contract she signed to commence her employment, she agreed not to sue for rape.

Now a Democrat introduced legislation that would force all Government Contractors to forgo the 'No Rape' clause. Seems like a no brainer to me... Yet, 30 Republicans voted against the bill!

I wanted to put a little space after that sentence to allow you to contemplate what that means. There must be some rational explanation. One Republican claimed that it is not the Government's place to dictate what can and cannot be written into private contracts. However, it is absolutely the place of the Government to ensure that the companies that they hire are not trampling on the rights of their employees. I simply don't want my money going to support such Government contracts!

My Conclusion: Again Republicans and Democrats are at each others throats over who will hold future office, while forgetting that they are in our capitol to represent us! A republican certainly cannot support a democrat's bill because it may be seen as a democratic victory... and it goes both ways. If we have learned anything over the last eight years, it is that we should be seeking AMERICAN victories rather than party victories. I frankly don't care what party you're in. Look at our Constitution and the Law of our country and do what's right for OUR future, or GET OUT OF OFFICE!

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