Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Police Officer Shooting...

It seems like only a week ago a Seattle area police officer was shot down for no apparent reason. The Seattle community came together to support the officer's family in any way that we could, and the shooter was quickly found and brought down.

Now it has happened again, only this time it was 4 times over. The current suspect should not have been out on the street, and now four officers are dead because of it.

Our current judicial system is so flawed that we are allowing the most dangerous amongst us to walk the streets. It's so expensive to keep them incarcerated that we seemingly do everything to get them out. While they are incarcerated they aren't given any of the necessary tools to be successful outside of jail, so the first thing they do with their freedom is abuse the system and break our laws. I am not saying that I have the answers... but something needs to change.

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