Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The rules of the Grocery Line

I was at the grocery store with my girlfriend a few weeks back, and we had an interesting run in with another shopper in the check out line.

We were waiting in line. The line next to us was closed, but there was a bagboy cleaning the conveyor belt and workspace. A fellow shopper came and asked us if we were in line for the closed checkstand, to which we replied 'no'. She then asked the bagboy if his line was open, and he also replied 'no'. Okay! Problem solved! She simply gets in line behind us and we all go on with our day.

Well, another checker walked up from the back and said, "I can help the next person in line over here." I was the next person in line, so I moved by cart over to her checkstand... the same checkstand that the bagboy was cleaning. The woman who asked if I was in the closed checkstand then confronted me for getting in line at the now open checkstand. She felt that since she was asking about the 'then closed' checkstand, she should be first in line.

That is not how things work!

The checkstand was deemed closed, and is therefore is out of play. When the new checker opened the line it came into play, and seeing as I was the next person in line... I GET TO CHECK OUT NEXT!

Learn your checkout line rules PEOPLE! :)


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