Monday, November 2, 2009


Lately I have been having very vivid dreams that I actually remember when I wake up. I have never really remembered dreams before, so I figured I would take this opportunity to share a dream with you.

I was at my Uncle Sid and Sally's house (which is in Kansas City). They have a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood, and for as long as I can remember they have been improving their gigantic basement. I went down into their basement where they had added at least six bedrooms. The ceiling in the hallway that led to the rooms had a glass ceiling that was at least 80 feet above me. I went into my room and had a conversation with my dad about how luxurious the rooms are. I told him how it reminded me of a really nice hotel where one would go for the ultimate relaxation experience. I remember there being a huge spa tub in the room.

Then I went upstairs which had floor to ceiling windows and three huge projected televisions. Each tv had at least three couches around it. This living room was huge! I sat down to watch the Phillies Yankees world series game, and then I was there...

Someone had interrupted the game by throwing a rotten, hollowed out tree at home plate. When it struck the ground it shattered into a huge pile of sticks. I was sitting in the front row down the third base line, and I asked the security guard if I could help him pick up all of the sticks. He let me onto the field and I filled my arms with a bundle of sticks. I walked past the third base dugout to a door. I opened the door, and there was a cement door behind it. I opened that one and there was another cement door behind that one. This door led into the clubhouse where I followed some kid in Phillies gear to a corner where I dumped the sticks.

I then went back out onto the field where my old boss and baseball coach interviewed me, asking who I was rooting for. I told him I was rooting for the Phillies because I had family in Pennsylvania.

How is that for a dream! Hope you enjoyed the trip through my subconscious self.

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