Thursday, October 29, 2009

Instant Replay and Baseball

(Warning: Curse words are used in a personal address to Commissioner Bud Selig. Please know that I do not condone such language in any but the most dire of situations.)

Baseball is the greatest sport on the face of the earth for many reasons... There aren't any clocks to worry about like football, basketball, and soccer. The playoff system actually makes sense. The defense is in control of the ball. A baseball player is forced to perform as an individual (offense), and as a team player (defense). It is a game of rythm. It is our Nation's history.

Now with Football in particular, the basic rules of the game change CONSTANTLY. I hear new rules every time I watch a game. Does he need to have two feet inbounds or just one? Did he hit the guy too low, or too high, or during the wrong time, or with too much aggression? Baseball doesn't have these problems. It is nearly perfect as it is... and yet Bud Selig (MLB Commissioner) thinks it necessary to change the game!

Why in God's name did you institute instant replay in baseball? The umpires are as much a part of the game as the Green Monster is at Fenway. If they blow a call, then they blow a call. There is no reason to have people in a booth somewhere across the country review the play! If the Umpire can't make the right call, FIRE HIM. Baseball is not a mechanized game, and never should be a mechanized game. Are you going to have a machine start calling pitches Mr. Selig? Adjusting to an umpire's strikezone is a part of the game. Are you going to have machines call a bang-bang play at first because you don't trust the umpire. It's a part of the game! Do not take away the heart and soul of our National Pasttime. Instant replay should never have been instituted, and you have now set a precedent for changes to come.

Now concerning the horrible job that the Umpires have been doing during this post season, this should reflect negatively on them as professionals. They should have to face review from Major League Baseball. However some idiot's inability to call a ball that clearly hit in fair territory a FAIR ball doesn't have any impact on the perfection of the game of baseball. This game is my love and my passion Mr. Selig. DO NOT FUCK IT UP!

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