Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My first magazine in years!

When I was a younger kid I purchased a subscription to VIBE magazine. There were pages and pages of music, news, and the scantily clad women that keep a 12 year old boy going. However after a few months the magazines began to pile up. Reading VIBE slowly fell from being a priority to being a hobby, then a pass-time, then a nuisance. The large stack of print glared at me as if to say, "Why aren't you reading me you SOB?!?". When my subscription ended I didn't renew it...

Fast forward to a 20 year old me! My professor this quarter required us to buy a subscription to BusinessWeek Magazine so that we could read an assigned article each week. I am reading the textbook at the library so I figured I would just do the same with BusinessWeek. The subscription list was passed around the classroom and I simply passed it to my neighbor. It's now week four of the quarter and my professor has printed out and distributed every article that has been assigned, so I guess my frugality paid off! However, today I ended my nearly a decade long run without a magazine subscription.

My professor walked in today with a stack of FORTUNE magazines and a subscription list. I grabbed my copy and immediately began convincing myself that this was a great opportunity. The magazine only comes twice a month, which leaves ample time to actually read it. A year long subscription was only $10.00, which means that I am basically paying for a postage stamp every time they send me a magazine. Finally, I will be moving back home soon where I have a reliable mailbox and mailman which ensures that I will actually get my magazines. At the class break I went to the front and signed my name on the dotted line.

I am now officially a magazine subscriber...


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