Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fondue, Bluegrass Festivals, and Mental Institutions!

Yesterday Michelle and I decided to use some movie tickets that had been given to her as a gift. These weren't just any movie tickets though... but movie tickets to the Gold Class Cinemas in Redmond. You sit in recliners and watch a movie as dinner is served to you! Sounds great right? Well it would have been great if we were both 21, but we're not. We worked out a refund for her gift card and decided we would make our own dinner and a movie extravaganza!

We drove into Bellevue to the Landmark Theatre to see 'Shutter Island'. I have to mention how awesome this theatre is! They have leather seats, a HUGE screen, and the slope of the seats is high enough that we could easily see over the people in front of us. The movie turned out to be really good too! The whole movie is about this Marshall who goes to a mental institution to investigate a missing inmate. However as the movie progresses you begin to wonder if he is the crazy one himself... After they tell you that he is crazy and you basically except that the entire movie was a figment of his imagination the final scene leaves it open to interpretation. I won't ruin it more than that.

After the movie we wandered around downtown Bellevue and stumbled upon a bluegrass music convention??? We questioned our sanity, mainly because we just watched Shutter Island.

Then we drove home and I talked Michelle into working out. We played racquetball and did an arm workout. We had never worked out together in a gym before, and the first experience was great! Hopefully I can talk her into another visit (for the company! She is beautiful in every way).

For dinner we made our workout worthless by going to the Melting Pot in Queen Anne. We had a cheese fondue appetizer, an extremely overpriced salad, and an absolutely delectable pot of chocolate s'mores fondue. Thank you Michelle's Uncle!


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