Monday, February 22, 2010

Grrreat Weekend!

Well I had a wonderful weekend! On Friday I headed up north to see mi novia, and the drive was great! Why was the drive great you ask? Well, because the Jetta was running like a champ and the weather was fantastic. Michelle and I went to the store and bought some goods for dinner and I convinced her to watch "Bridge over the River Kwai". It won seven academy awards in 1957 which means it has to be good... right?

WRONG! Okay, so I was entertained for most of this nearly three hour movie. The first half of the movie is completely different than the second half and the ending sucked. Here is my suggestion. They should have turned this into two movies and wrote two MUCH better endings.

On Saturday we drove to the Lummi Reservation which overlooks Bellingham and Mt. Baker across the bay. It was absolutely gorgeous, but the poverty on the reservation was disheartening. Just another reason to go to law school... Anyways, it was gorgeous. Beautiful beaches seemed to be a theme for the weekend. We also went to the Bellingham waterfront and read together. Well, Michelle spent most of her time people watching (a favorite pastime). I guess this might have happened on Friday?

Well on Sunday we woke up and went to the waterfront in Fairhaven. We got a perfect parking spot in a crazy crowded park and were able to catch some Washington sunshine. Sunday afternoon I went to see my Mom and we watched the hockey game together. It was an awesome game, and seeing my Mom get nervous about hockey was pretty entertaining. We also went over some information on the Southwest in preparation for my Spring Break Adventure. I drove home and fell asleep to thoughts of how wonderful my weekend was!


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