Thursday, February 18, 2010

SO Excited for Spring Break!

I let you all know that I was going on a Spring Break road trip to see Law Schools, but I got into UW which makes all of that quite unnecessary. Heaven knows that I can't just cancel the road trip though because I want to spend this quality time with my girlfriend (and go to Spring Training!). Since this has opened up the itinerary of our trip, I have been having SO much fun looking at stuff to do in the Southwest. My big question right now is whether I can find a way to see everything that I want to see in Arizona and Utah without having to take the same road back to Seattle that we will take going in. We could always go home through California, or even take a drive through Vegas... On the other hand, we could keep the same trip itinerary as we had before I got into UW and drive home via Denver. I would just be much happier doing a loop rather than taking one road down and the same road back.

In other news, I still can't think of anything to get the Professors who wrote me recommendations... fail.


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