Monday, February 8, 2010

Lewis and Clark!

I was accepted today at Lewis and Clark which is pretty exciting. I love its location, and it has a good reputation in the Northwest. Sadly I didn't really like the campus and was a bit turned off by the ultra liberal student body. There wasn't a scholarship offer in the packet and I don't know if one is coming separately, which makes it pretty expensive. We will have to wait and see...

In other news, my dad is letting my girlfriend and I borrow his Honda Element for a Spring Break Law School Road Trip. Whew... quite a mouthful. I need to come up with a catchier name to paint on the side of the car. Maybe I will print up a few t-shirts as well. This means that we can actually camp IN THE CAR! That's right folks. All 5 ft. 11 in. of me can stretch out comfortably in the back.

So far I have 5 acceptances and a waitlist. As for the last three schools I am expecting a rejection from UW (sadly), a waitlist from U. Arizona, and potentially an acceptance from Arizona State? Who knows really...


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