Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to choose the tickets...

Well, in the not too distant future my Dad's company will distribute M's tickets for the upcoming season. He graciously includes me in the process by allowing me to prioritize the tickets he chooses and I figured I would let you in on my thought process...

1. The best tickets of the entire season are division tickets during the last month of the season. For the M's, that means that I want to see the Angels, Rangers, and A's during Sept./Oct.

2. Next comes the opening series of the season against Oakland, as well as the interleague games against Cincinnati and the Cubs.

3. Then you have the games against the best American league teams except the Red Sox. I want to see the Rays, the Twins, the Tigers, the White Sox, etc...

4. Finally you have the leftovers... Kansas City, Cleveland, Toronto, Baltimore.

I do enjoy going to the Blue Jays games because they play the Canadian National Anthem as well as ours, and a whole bunch of Northerners migrate to Seattle for the game. The Red Sox on the other hand are HORRIBLE games to go to. Sure they have hall of famers to see, but the bandwagon Sox fans that come out of nowhere are the most annoying baseball fans alive. Most of them don't know the game at all, and those that do are so drunk by the end of the game that they can't stand up straight. If you haven't lived in the Northeast or even visited Boston, you have no reason to root for the Red Sox!!!


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