Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grocery Shopping makes me happy...

This afternoon I was feeling a little blah, so I decided to do some grocery shopping. I don't know if it is just me, but grocery shopping makes me so happy! There is nothing more gratifying than planning the ways that I can nurish my body for the days (or weeks) to come. I started off with a grocery list and good intentions, but the impulse buyer inside me broke free. It was as if the budget conscious angel on my shoulder was silenced by the little devil who wanted nothing more than to satisfy my belly and psyche.

As I was wandering through the baked goods section of Costco, I set my eyes upon the double chocolate muffins (more a dessert than a breakfast item). The problem with the muffins is that you are forced to buy twelve of the little devils! Of course I convinced myself that I could just freeze the muffins that I'm not going to consume right away, and off they went into my shopping cart. I haven't eaten twelve muffins in my entire life, and here I go buying a dozen HUGE muffins in one trip. At least they were cheap...

I also began eyeing the 32 pack of coca cola for $9.99. You must understand that the strongest relationship that I have with a brand is with Coke. Everytime I pop open an ice cold coca cola it's as if angels have descended from heaven to relax me and assure me the world is indeed a great place. Of course I don't need coca cola, and on my budget should really only be drinking water, but I wanted it! Do I not deserve one guilty pleasure after leading the tedious lifestyle of a college student. I actually passed on the Costco coca cola, and drove straight to Safeway where I could get 36 cokes for the same price.

For all the mental anguish that I put myself through while grocery shopping, it gives me an hour or so to forget about all of the other stuff I should be worrying about. Sadly, I now have enough food to feed an army for a month... but in a month I will be back for another therepeutic moment at my local Safeway.

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