Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's not a girl's car!

Today in my advertising class my teacher asked the class to name 'Girl's Cars', and my Jetta was named second only to a VW Beetle. Now I will admit that the new Jettas look very feminine. In fact, every Jetta since 2000 looks quite feminine... but not my car!

1. Being a 1998, it isn't the rounded smooth feminine look of new Jettas. It doesn't have the smooth elegant lines that women want in their cars. No, it has the rugged rigid look that women want in their man's car!

2. It has a manual transmission. Not that a woman can't drive a manual transmission, but it truly is a feature of a man's car. I take pride in my skills driving a manual!

3. My Jetta is a diesel. It is loud! It billows black smoke (sort of). It gets amazing gas mileage. A diesel engine is a man's engine! There is an entire forum devoted to TDI engines (

Now that I have puffed out my chest and declared my car 'manworthy', I must admit that I have fallen in love with my car. Oh, the adventures we have shared together! May we be so lucky as to have many more manworthy adventures to come...

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