Friday, October 23, 2009

Legalize it!

While I was walking on the Ave today, the heart of the University District, a man offered to sell me some weed. Now I have heard numerous stories about the drug dealers of our eclectic little community, but in over four years I had yet to come across one. I'm a little self conscious about that fact for it certainly means that in the past I have not looked worthy of the drug dealer's goods, but I will save my insecurities for another post... :)

Now I have to ask why our Government has willingly placed the job of importing, regulating, and distributing a cash crop like marijuana into the hands of the uneducated 'gangstas' of our communities? The economic opportunity for our country in marijuana is profound! Think of the enormous amount of money we spend every year arresting and encarcerating pot smokers and dealers. Not only would that expense be eliminated, but an entire new economy would be created that our Government could tax the crap out of! Police officers rarely enforce marijuana laws anymore as it is.

For purely economic reasons, the United States of America should legalize marijuana. The people who smoke weed are going to smoke it whether it is legal or not, and those who aren't interested will remain uninterested. LEGALIZE IT!

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