Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life Update!

Well, this past weekend I competed with some friends in the IKEA International Business Case Competition. We had to figure out an expansion plan for Apple's iPhone and put together a presentation over a 48 hour period. We presented on Monday and received nothing but complements from our judges, but we didn't win. I was a little bummed, but am still happy with the work that we did.

Also on Monday was the Law School fair on campus, where I was able to speak with a number of schools about their programs. The biggest change in my own perceptions was of the Arizona schools, which I am now very interested in. The number of schools that I am applying to seems to slowly keep growing. I am just happy to have discovered fee waivers...

Let's not forget that my birthday is on Saturday! I will finally shed all of the horrible stereotypes associated with being a teenager. Thank god!


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