Friday, November 13, 2009

Why are Seattle people non-confrontational?

Why are people in Seattle known for being so 'nice'? More importantly, why do we live up to that stereotype? All that stereotype says is that we are non-confrontational, which isn't healthy. I would describe myself as being pretty upfront in situations where I am comfortable, but in other situations I myself fall deep into that very stereotype...

Like when my apartment neighbor plays music that pulses through the wall, yet I make excuses to myself as to why I shouldn't confront him.

Like when the house next door has huge parties that keep me awake until 3 am, but I call the police to do my dirty work... that is if I even call them.

Like when people in movie theaters continually talk, or text, or actually make phone calls during the movie. I just want to yell and point and be CONFRONTATIONAL!!! but I don't. I sit and glare at them for good measure, but say nothing.

Like when people in class keep asking questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what we are learning, which only disrupts lecture and wastes my time and money. I want to go tell them to shut the f*$k up and listen to the highly educated man before us, but I don't.

My Dad grew up in Missouri where when there is a problem, everyone gets together and talks about it. If he has a problem with the city where he lives, he drives down to city hall and talks to them. If someone makes ANY noise whatsoever during a movie, he tells them to shut up. In many aspects of his life he doesn't take crap from anyone. I feel that I have found myself uncomfortably in between my dad and 'Seattle Nice'.

However I don't want to be Seattle Nice! I want to have my voice heard! Watch out world, because here comes one crazy bottle of CONFRONTATION just waiting to explode! Seattle Nice... HA! From here on out I am no longer going to bottle up the frustration that I have with the little things in life that can make or break you. I'm going to stand up for myself!

I think you should too.



  1. I would like to see you do this!!

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