Thursday, February 25, 2010

Native Law Meeting

Today I met with the head of the Native American Law Program at the University of Washington, and I'm soaring on cloud 9! He explained the program and all of the opportunities for their students. The interesting thing is that not much of it is verbalized on their website. They give a few Native American law courses, but not as many as other schools. However he said that there were so many different of aspects of Native American law that students should take business law classes, tax law classes, environmental law classes, property classes, basically everything! They don't have a Native American Law Certificate, but their Environmental Law Certificate includes Native American law? They have a competitive law clinic where students are given the opportunity to actually represent Native clients in the Tulalip Tribal court system. Not to mention all of the research opportunities and work study opportunities. I am so excited to go to Law School! I hope this feeling never goes away...


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